Flying is a fascinating field that kindles special interest in almost everyone, right from a kid to an adult!

At Vimana tantragna , we achieve it and help others to live ™ their dream! We believe that every kid has to experience the power of flight, either to pursue as a career or just as a hobby to enjoy their life through! So we decided to conduct workshops for the young minds to open up to live their dream, to build their flying machines&just fly!


Here the young aviators would be taught about basic laws of flight, with practical demonstrations to understand them with relative ease. Kits of model airplanes are provided for every participant, which varies from scale static model, chuck glider & self propelled planes.
The aero-models are made from ultra-light materials and are prone to breakages, so we also teach them how to fix it and maintain them. After the beginners workshop, one can pursue with advanced courses anytime later.

Vimana - Workshop & Training


Knowledge in basics of flight is key for successful & safe flying. Be it a model aircraft or the real-thing, without the know-how’s it can become very dangerous. The fundamentals of flying are not that tough to learn, but definitely is to master them! We know, ‘practice makes one perfect’, so we teach how to practice it safely, and enjoy flying.


An aircraft takes a lot of careful planning to build it to its fullest potential. Choosing the right material, using correct tools & most importantly in the right way, to use the build-plan to follow the procedures, etc. It takes a lot of creativity and skill to complete an airframe that is going to be ‘airworthy’. All the making happens here!


Best moments of an aviator is flying! For an aeromodeller, it is the most anticipated - the moment of truth to justify their hard-work & workmanship. Flying is totally skill oriented; improves body-eye coordination and puts the brain to its peak performance. We teach how to fly&importantly, how to maintain their flying machines!

We bet even a dullest person will accentuate while flying, and without a doubt! We strongly believe that this workshop will bring out the best from an individual.

Do not miss this unique opportunity! Gift yourself or your loved ones with
our unique Aeromodelling workshop!